Trail of tears

The affects on Native Americans

By jacobf
  • Seminole Wars

    Seminole Wars
    There were 3 Seminole Wars from 1817-1858 (long war) was also known as The Florida Wars.The Seminole's were a group of indians that lived in Florida.It was the longest war the United States ever had. (And won!).
  • effects on native americans

    the simonals started a war to try to keep ther land . the cheerkie went to court
  • The Indan Removeal Act

    The Indan Removeal Act
    The indan removeal act of of 1830 was passed by the twenty first connges of the usa after four months strong debate Andrew Jackson signed the bill into law land greed was a big reson for the fedral govemrent poshion on indan removeal.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    The Trail of Tears got its name from how terriblie it was 800 miles from there home.The English/USA had just conquered the indians home and thought they were better.