Indian Timeline

By brbl21
  • 500

    Trough the Years..

    Trough the Years..
    500 AD: Beginning of Bhakti cult in Tamil Nadu
  • Jan 1, 600

    south india

    600 AD: Pallava dynasty governs southern India from Kanchi
  • Jan 1, 753

    the deccan

    the deccan
    753 AD: Rashtrakutas, a Chalukya dynasty, expands from the Deccan into south and central India
  • Jan 1, 1019

    pratihara empire

    1019 AD: Mahmud Ghazni attacks north India and destroys Kannauj, which is the capital of the Gurjara-Pratihara Empire
  • Jan 1, 1192


    1192 AD: Mohammad of Ghori defeats Prithvi Raj, captures Delhi and establishes a Muslim sultanate at Delhi
  • Colonial power

    1751 AD: Britain becomes the leading colonial power in India
  • First war

    1857 AD: First War of Indian Independence also known as Revolt of 1857 or Sepoy Mutiny
  • Second Round

    1931 AD: Second Round Table Conference takes place and Irwin-Gandhi Pact is signed
  • Pakistani military

    Pakistani military
    2001 October - India fires on Pakistani military posts in the heaviest firing along the dividing line of control in Kashmir for almost a year.
  • Bomb Explosion

    2010 February - Bomb explosion in a restaurant popular with tourists in Pune, in the western state of Maharashtra, kills 16 people, sparking security fears.
  • Independence

    846 AD: Cholas get back their independence from the Pallavas
  • tempal of thanjavur

    985 AD: Rajaraja Chola extends the Chola Empire to all of south India and constructs the temple of Thanjavur