Jim Crow aws

  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    From the 1880s into the 1960s, a majority of American states enforced segregation through "Jim Crow" laws (so called after a black character in minstrel shows
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    In Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a Louisiana law mandating separate but equal accommodations for blacks and whites on intrastate railroads was constitutional.......durin this plessy also got arrested.. blacks couldnt go in the only white places and so on....
  • jackie robinson

    jackie robinson
    jackie was the 1st african american to go in to the mlb..
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    The 1954 United States Supreme Court decision in Oliver L. Brown et.al. v. the Board of Education of Topeka (KS) et.al. is among the most significant judicial turning points in the development of our country
  • montgomery boycott

    montgomery boycott
    The Montgomery Bus Boycott a year-long protest in Montgomery, Alabama, that galvanized the American Civil Rights Movement and led to a 1956 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States declaring segregated seating on buses unconstitutional.
  • little rock 9

    little rock 9
    The Little Rock Nine were a group of African-American students who were enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957.
  • greensboro sit-in

    greensboro sit-in
    The Greenboro Sit-Ins of 1960 provoked all manner of emotions when they occurred and they remain an important part of civil rights history.
  • freedom rides

    freedom rides
    The first Freedom Ride took place on May 4, 1961 when seven blacks and six whites left Washington, D.C., on two public buses bound for the Deep South.
  • civil rights act

    civil rights act
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88-352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public ("public accommodations.")
  • i have a dream

    i have a dream
    the speech dr king read the changed the world.. and made the black and white equal