jacobs timeline

By jaho15
  • britain comes in controll

    India comes under direct rule of the British crown after failed Indian mutiny.
  • Congress

    Indian National Congress founded as forum for emerging nationalist feeling.
  • 1920-1922

    Nationalist figurehead Mahatma Gandhi launches anti-British civil disobedience campaign
  • 1942-1943

    Congress launches "Quit India" movement.
  • British Done

    End of British rule and partition of sub-continent into mainly Hindu India and Muslim-majority state of Pakistan.
  • Die

    Hundreds of thousands die in widespread communal bloodshed after partition.
  • Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by Hindu extremist.
  • war

    War with Pakistan over disputed territory of Kashmir.
  • Election

    1951-52 - Congress Party wins first general elections under leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Border War

    1962 - India loses brief border war with China.
  • Prime Minister

    1964 - Death of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Secound War

    1965 - Second war with Pakistan over Kashmir.
  • Daughter Is Primeminister

    1966 - Nehru's daughter Indira Gandhi becomes prime minister.
  • Third War

    1971 - Third war with Pakistan over creation of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan.
  • Soviet Union

    1971 - Twenty-year treaty of friendship signed with Soviet Union
  • Bomb

    1974 - India explodes first nuclear device in underground test.