5 Events

  • Winner

    I've always been a winner .Here and there i can lose but most of the time i win.Every where i go every on looks at me like a winner.I call myself this because no matter I will always be a winner.So never listen to what anyone tells you always listen to your self.
  • Fighter

    I am a fighter, I never quit if i can't do something i look for a solution. And no matter what keep on trying. p.s. listen to the song; The Fighter by; Ryan Teddar,featuring
    Gym Class Heroes!!!
  • All-Star

    I am an All-Star because i am good in what i do and in my leagues i get drafted in All-Star games , and ect.
  • Football

    If i don't get drafted into the NBA i will go to my 2nd home the NFL.
  • Baskettball

    I was new to St. Patrick my only friend was William Nehme he was a basketball player and he will forever be one. He taught me how to play and now i am preety good at basketball and i want to get drafted in the NBA after High school or University.I am a basketball player and will forever be one.