• Jan 1, 1519

    Francisco Vasquez de Coranado

    Francisco Vasquez de Coranado
    Fransisco Vasquez de Coranado maped the state of texas.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1519 to

    16-21 century

  • Apr 15, 1528

    Fransisco Vasquez de Coranado

    Fransisco Vasquez de Coranado
    Fransisco Vasquez de Coranado crosses the Texas panhandle in search of the 7 cities of Cibola.
  • Apr 14, 1541

    Looking for the 7 cities of cibola

    Looking for the 7 cities of cibola
    Francisco Vázquez de Coronado crosses the Texas Panhandle in search of in search of the seven cities of Cibola.
  • Jan 1, 1554

    Coranado dies

    Coranado dies
    Coranado dies. He is the first white man to explore texas.
  • La Salle

    La Salle
    La Salle looks for the mouth of the Mississippi River. He is the first european man to see this.
  • La Salle killed

    La Salle killed
    La Salle is killed by his own men.

    1690 - May - First East Texas mission under construction, San Francisco de los Tejas, near present-day Weches, Houston Co. The mission is closed in 1693.
  • Catholic churches

    Catholic churches
    Throughout the 18th century, Spain established Catholic missions in Texas and the towns of San Antonio, Goliad, and Nacogdoches.
  • spanish builds a presidio

    spanish builds a presidio
    spanish bulid a presdio Neustra Senora de los Delores de los tejas to protect east Texas
  • Tons of cotton

    Tons of cotton
    Missions at San Antonio are producing thousands of pounds of cotton anually.
  • Santa Cruz de San Saba

    Santa Cruz de San Saba
    Santa Cruz de San Sabá mission near present-day Menard destroyed and eight residents killed by Comanches and their allies
  • Texas' first hurricane

    Texas' first hurricane
    Texas' first recorded hurricans strikes
  • Father Hidalgo

    Father Hidalgo
    Father Miguel Hidalgo and several hundred of his parishioners seize the prison at Delores, Mexico beginning Mexico's struggle of independence from Spain.
  • Jane Long

    Jane Long
    Jane Long gave birth to the first anglo american baby in Texas named Mary James.
  • Signing the Treaties of Velasco

    Signing the Treaties of Velasco
    Santa Anna and Texas' provisonal president David Burnet sign 2 treaties: The Treaty of Velasco one public, one secret - ending the Texas Revolution. The treaties were, however, violated by both sides. Texas' independence was not recognized by Mexico and Texas' boundry was not determined until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended which ended the Mexican War, signed in 1848
  • BAYLOR!!!!

    Baylor University is founded.
  • Texas women gain the right to vote.

    Texas women gain the right to vote.
    In the year of 1854 women gained the right to vote. Back then women couldn't do anything, so this is a big up-side.
  • Colenel Ranald Mackenzie

    Colenel Ranald Mackenzie
    Colonel Ranald Mackenzie leads the 4th US Cavalry in the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon, south of present-day Amarillo, an encounter that ends with the confinement of southern Plains Indians in reservations in Indian Territory. This makes possible the wholesale settlement of the western part of the state.

    Teddy Roosevelt arrives in San Antonio to recruit and train the "Rough Riders" for the First Cavalary to fight iln the Spanish-American War in Cuba.
  • The Great Hurricane

    The Great Hurricane
    The "great hurricane" of 1900 destroys most of Gaveston. It killed about 6,000 people.
  • A massive explosion!!!

    A massive explosion!!!
    1937 - March 18 - A massive explosion, blamed on a natural-gas leak beneath the London Consolidated School building in Rusk County, kills an estimated 296 students and teachers. Subsequent deaths of people injured in the explosion bring the death count to 311. As a result, the Texas legislature requires that a malodorant be added to the odorless gas so that leaks can be more easily detected.
  • SS Grandcamp

    SS Grandcamp
    The French-owned SS Grandcamp, carrying ammonium nitrate, explodes in the Texas City harbor, followed the next morning by the explosion of the SS High Flyer. The disaster kills almost 600 and injures at least 4,000 more. The concussion is felt 75 miles away in Port Arthur, and the force creates a 15-foot tidal wave.
  • Barbra Jordan

    Barbra Jordan
    Barbara Jordan of Houston becomes the first black woman elected to the Texas Senate
  • The Waco Seige.

    The Waco Seige.
    April 19 - Siege that began on Feb. 28 ended, federal agents storm the compound called Mount Carmel near Waco, where cult leader David Koresh and his followers, called Branch Davidians, had reportedly been storing a large cache of assault weapons. The assault and ensuing fire kill four agents and 86 Branch Davidians.
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    Former Texas Gov. George W. Bush elected President of the United States.