• 500

    Buddism Came to India

    In about 500AD Buddism was spread across India.
  • Period: 500 to


  • 540

    Gupta Dynasty

    The Gupta Dynasty has ruled India in the 4th and 6th centuries of Christian eras.
  • Mar 10, 1026

    Mahmud Gahzni

    Mahmud Gahnzi takes over Somnath Temple.
  • Queen Elizabeth

    The connection between India and the British began. Queen Elizabeth 1 signed the charter for East India Company.
  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal was built in honor of Queen Mumtaz Bugum in the 17th century.
  • The Mugul Empire

    The fall of the Mugul Empire.
  • Indian Nationa Congress

    The Indian Naional Congress is made
  • The Dandi March

    Walking 241 mi. in 24 days, Gandhi made salt and defied the law.
  • India split into two

    The House of Commons declares India to split into two independent diminions.
  • India is Free!

    At midnight, India was finally free from the British.