History Of Australia Timline

  • Dutch sail around Australia--but don't settle

    Dutch sail around Australia--but don't settle
    The first Europeans to sail around Australia were the Dutch. They did not settle because they were attacked by Aborigines.
  • New South Wales

     New South Wales
    Captain Cook sailed around Australia and claimed land for England. Named New South Wales. The name came from the city in the UK called Wales.
  • Prisoners of War

    Prisoners of War
    British prisoners settled in Australia--isolated and far away from everything else. Before they had their prisoners in Georgia but at the time the American Revolution was happening. Among the first prisoners 20% were women.

    Govenment officals ccreate boundsaries that are still in place today. There are 6 states and 2 territories. New South Wales is one of the states.
  • British Prisoner Transportation

    British Prisoner Transportation
    British transported prisoners to Australia until 1868. By then people had already settled there.
  • States and Territories

    States and Territories
    Commonwealth of Australia was established. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia are states. Northern Territory and Canberra are the territories.
  • A New Capital

    A New Capital
    Canberra was completed and made capital. Canberra is a territory in Vitoria which is south of New South Wales.
  • Aboriginal Rights

    Aboriginal Rights
    Federal Government began to pass legislation to help Aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    The Ausralia Act sevre all legal ties with the British Empire.
  • No Independence

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic