History of Australia

  • Dutch Discover Australia

    Dutch Discover Australia
    The Dutch sailed to Australia and discovered it but did not set up a settlement and while they were exploring got attacked by the Aboriginese. The Dutch left the island because they were afraid of the Aborigiese.
  • The British explore Australia

    The British explore Australia
    In 1770, the British landed in Australia and Captain James Cook sailed all the way around it and, they set up a settlement there and unlike the Dutch, they just ignored the Aboriginese.
  • British Prisoners

    British Prisoners
    The first people to settle in Australia were British prisoners. The prisoners officially became a colony on January 26, 1788.
  • Boundaries were made

    Boundaries were made
    The governmet officials of Australia made boundaries for the colonies. These boudaries in Australia are still in place today.
  • Britian stoped

    Britian stoped
    On May 23, 1868 Britain stopped sending prisoners to Australia.
  • Commonwealth

    On January 1, 1901, the first commonwealth in
    Australia was established.
  • Canberra is Capital

    Canberra is Capital
    On May 9, Canberra took over as the capital of Australia instead of Melbourne.
  • Legislation

    The goverment started to pass legislation to help the Aboriginese people living in Australia.
  • Australia act

    Australia act
    In 1986, the Australia act ended all legal ties they had with the British Empire.
  • Voters reject

    Voters reject
    50% of the voters in Australia rejected the idea of becoming and independent republic.