Australian History Timeline

  • First Europeans to settle

    First Europeans to settle
    The Dutch first arrive in Australia but didn't colonize it because of the aborigineses' attacks. They were the first Europeans to settle Australia.
  • First Settlement

    First Settlement
    Captain James Cook was was an English captain who sailed around Australia a couple times. He claimed Australia for England and settled in Australia despite the Aboriginal attacks on him. He named New South Wales.
  • British Prisoners

    British Prisoners
    The British set up prisons in Australia. They used to do that in the U.S colonies but the Revolutionary War stopped that, Australia seemed like the perfect place for a prison so Great Britian made prisons in Australia and sent the prisoners there. Australia became a prison colony.
  • Boundries for the Colonies

    Boundries for the Colonies
    On March 13, 1861 the government set up boundries between colonies. they still exust today and consists of New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Southern Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and Tasmania.
  • No More Prisoners

    No More Prisoners
    Britian stopped sending prisoners to Australia. They discovered gold in Australia so they mined instead of usung Australia as a penal colony. Immagrants settled in Australia looking for jobs mining and helping Australia's economy.
  • The Commonwealth of Australia

    The Commonwealth of Australia
    Australia agreed to federate as the The Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Canberra

    Melbourne was the capital city before Canberra. Canberra became capital on May 9, 1927.
  • Equality for the Aborigines

    Equality for the Aborigines
    Aboriginal farmers went on strike demanding equal wages and equal hours, The government passed legislatures to help the Aborigines and let them become citizens.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    The Australian Act severed all ties between Great Britian and Australia. Australia adopted the British style Parlimentary Government and accecpted Queen Elizabeth II as its cerimonial leader.
  • Independent Republic?

    Independent Republic?
    On August 12, 1999, 55% of Australia's citizens rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.