Emily Pankhurst

  • Emily is born

    Emmeline Goulden was born on 14 July 1858 in Manchester
  • Emily's mother starts taking emily to women's suffrage meetings

    Emmeline's mother was a passionate feminist and started taking her daughter to women's suffrage meetings in the early 1870s
  • Emily founded the Women's Franchise League

    In 1889, Emmeline founded the Women's Franchise League, which fought to allow married women to vote in local elections.
  • She helped found the Militant Women's Social and Political Union

    In October 1903, she helped found the more militant Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) - an organisation that gained much notoriety for its activities and whose members were the first to be christened 'suffragettes'
  • Fellow Women's Rights member was killed

    In 1913, WSPU member Emily Davison was killed when she threw herself under the king's horse at the Derby as a protest at the government's continued failure to grant women the right to vote.
  • Emily and others went on hunger strike

    In 1913, in response to the wave of hunger strikes, the government passed what became known as the 'Cat and Mouse' Act. Hunger striking prisoners were released until they grew strong again, and then re-arrested.
  • Outbreak of war ended period of militancy

    This period of militancy was ended abruptly on the outbreak of war in 1914, when Emmeline turned her energies to supporting the war effort
  • Women over 30 recieved voting rights

    In 1918, the Representation of the People Act gave voting rights to women over 30
  • Emily dies

    Emmeline died on 14 June 1928, shortly after women were granted equal voting rights with men (at 21)
  • Women recieve same voting age as men