chapter 25.2 the unification of germany

  • Bismark's rise

    Bismark's rise
    Otto Von Bismark was behind most of Germany's unification. A conservative appointed head of Prussia's cabinet,Bismark strengthened the army greatly,often in secret. As he went on, Bismark became one of Germany's major powers
  • the danish war

    the danish war
    This was the first war of unification at Germany' s border. Prussia and Prussia declared war on Denmark after king Christian took the Danish throne. Denmark surrendered in 1864 and Austria and Prussia gained control of Schleswig and Holstein.
  • 7 weeks war

    7 weeks war
    Austria eventually declared war on Prussia over control of Schleswig and Holstein. Prussia took advantage of technology and gained the upper hand. the war eventually ended with the treaty of Prague
  • Franco-Prussian war

    Franco-Prussian war
    Bismark tricked France into war with Prussia. The war was breif but decisive. This war completed the unification of Germany.
  • formation of the german empire

    formation of the german empire
    after the final war, Germany and its allies met in the hall of mirrors to sign a peace treaty. Germany's 25 states formed a federal government. Germany was headed by a "kaiser" (emperor) since.