chapter 25.5 The unification of Germany

By lucy25
  • Bismarck's rise of power

    Bismarck's rise of power
    Bismarck built the prussian army into a powerful war machine. he opposed democracy and the idea of parliment. He wanted to expand prussia.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    In 1863 King Christian IX took the Danish throne. At the inisistence pf many Danes, he made a new constitution in which he tried to annex Schleswig for denmark. When Prussia and Austria protested a new constistion. When Denmark refused, they declared war.
  • The Seven Week's War

    The Seven Week's War
    Bismarck provoked Austria into declaring war on Prussia. Prussian forces took advantage of technology-moving by train, communication by telegraph and using modern weaponry. The defeated the Austains in just 7 weeks.
  • The Franco-Prussian War

    The Franco-Prussian War
    to unify Germany, Bismarck had to persuade the independent states in Southern Germany to join the north German confederation. Bismarck edited the telegram so that it made it seem like the king insulted the french ambassador. when it was published it enraged the french and started war.
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    German states met in the hall of mirrors at the palace of versailles . there they declared the formation of the German empire, including all German states except Austria. Berlin became the Empire's capital, King William was proclaimed German emperor, Bismarck was named chancellor.