Jimi Hendrix

  • Jimi Hendrix was born

    Jimi Hendrix was born
    He was born as Johnny Allen Hendrix
  • First Guitar

    (No specific date) His dad, Al bought him his first acoustic guitar for $5.00.
  • First Electric Guitar

    (No specific date) He bought his first electric guitar (a white Supro Oark 1560S)
  • Enlisting in the Army

    (no specific date) Jimi enlisted in the Army and earned the right to wear the “Screaming Eagles” patch for paratroop division
  • The King Casuals

    In late 1961 Jimi formed a band with bassist Billy Cox called The King Casuals after being discharged from the Army due to an injury during a parachute jump
  • Marquee Acts

    (no exact date) Through out 1965 Jimi played several marquee acts, such as Ike and Tina Turner, Sam Cooke, the Isley Brothers, and Little Richard.
  • Jimmy James and the Blue Flames

    (no act date) Mid 1965- Jimi formed his own band focusing on lead guitar THe band was called, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.
  • Period: to

    Small Venues

    (no exact dates) Late 1965-Early 1966, Jimi layed small venues through out Greenwich Village and other places
  • Johnny becoming Jimi

    September 1966-Animals’ bassist, Chas Chandler was impressed by Jimi’s performance at the Café Wha? where he signed an agreement to move to London to form a new band and Hendrix’s name now became Jimi
  • First Single Hit

    First Single Hit
    (no exact date) His band, The Experience’s first single, “Hey Joe” was at No. 6 on the UK charts for ten weeks, followed by their release of the full-length album Are You Experienced, with featuring track, “Purple Haze”, and “Fire”
  • Monterey International Pop Festival

    June 1967-Hendrix travelled back to America to play at the Monterey International Pop Festival becoming very popular and famous
  • Working in the Studio

    (No exact date) Through out the year of 1968 Jimi and his band spent a lot of time in the studio.
  • Period: to

    Woodstock Festival

    During the summer of 1969, Jimi played in inspirational festivals such as the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, where he performed the renegade version of “Star Spangled Banner” with the ensemble celled Gypsy.
  • Hetic Worldwide Tour

    (no exact date) Jimi had a hectic worldwide tour, which made it hard to created new tracks
  • First Rays of the Rising Sun

    (through out, no exact date) During 1970 ,Jimi, Mitch Mitchell, and Billy Cox recorded many new tracks for a two LP set called the First Rays of the Rising Sun.
  • The tragic death of Jimi Hendrix

    The tragic death of Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix suddenly died.
  • Finally, The release of the First Rays of the Rising Sun

    Through out 1977 Jimi’s family and his bandfinally released the LP set, the First Rays of the Rising Sun in honor of Jimi's death.