United States Regions Unit

  • Preplanning

    Before starting the project I need to have working knowledge of animot, glogster, wallwisher and how to find information on the internet effectively. The workpacket for the project also needs to be ready.
  • Information gathering

    Students gather information answering questions from their work packets. A list of internet sites available to them are located on our school web site. They work in partners on their projects. This part takes a few days working when students are finished with other class work. The packet with pictures saved should be finished in about 1 hour total.
  • Animoto Video Creation

    Students create a presentation using a picture and two texts for each section on their workpackets. The state flower, bird, capital city, tourist attractions, fun facts , and resources used need to be included.
  • Glogster Presentation

    Students work on their "visual poster" part of their presentation. The project needs to include all of the information from the workpackets with uploaded pictures and at least one video included.
  • wallwisher post it

    Students work at home with parents to answer the question on the wallwisher site. Students need to include an embedded video on their post it.
  • Presentations

    Students practice and present their findings using Animoto and Glogster. They will show their projects on the smartboard. When their presentations are finished , students have the opportunity to ask questions and offer "one to glow and one to grow" for each project. Students are graded on presentation and if each section from the workpackets are included.