American battles

By nitziao
  • lexington and concord

    lexington and concord
    Location:lexington and concord,massachusetts
    american leaders:capt.parker/cal.barret.
    british leaders:col.smith/maj.pitcarin
    american casualties:95
    british casualties:273
    The patrots won the battle and the british went back to boston to care for their wounds.First shots of the revlution were fired there.This event is sometimes referred to the" shot heard around the world".
  • Bunker {breeds hill}

    Bunker {breeds hill}
    american casualties 415-440
    british casualties 1000+
    american leaders prescott/warren
    british leaders howe
    first offical battle of the american revolotion.
    Technically the britsh won the control og the hill,but several days later the patrots got the hill back because of sever was a bloody battle.
  • charleston

    location:charleston,south carolina.
    american casualties:240.
    british casualties:0.
    american leaders:gen. benjamin lincoln.
    british leaders:lt. general henry clinton.
    the first attempt by the british to capture charleston was stopped by the tides and the resilience of the palmetto log fort that became knowen as fort moultrie.
    the british were successful the sencound time around.
    the port of charleston ,south carolina was under siege by the british for maney days.
  • cowpens

    location cowpens south carolina
    american casualties 72
    british casualties 315
    american leaders birg. gen. daniel morgan
    british leaders lt.col. banastre tarleton
    it is a important battle in south showed the cooperation og the regular continental army and the irregular partisan forces.
  • Yorktown

    american casualties:369
    british casualties:387
    american leaders :gen. washington
    britsh leaders:gen.cornwallis
    Final battle of the war.
    the french navy assistied washington and his army by blockading the harbor.
    the blockad prevented british ships from entering the hardor.
    the british army camped in virgina waiting for transport to winter quarters from escaping.
    surrounded by american and french forces ,the british were defeated and surrendered.
  • saratoga

    location:freemans farm outside saratoga,new york bemis
    american casualties 800
    british casualties1600 and 6000 capture.
    american leaders gen.horatio gates
    british leaders gen.john burgoune
    the turning point of the war for the american patriots.
    american fores defeated the british in their attempt to split the colonies at the hudson river.
    because of this victory the french were willing toenter into an alliance with the americans which brought both fiancial aid and the help of the french navy.