women in the military

By carissa
  • female slaves

    personal letters mentioning the death of female slaves.
  • anne

    Anne etheridge a union nurse is awareded the kerney cross a dercoration of brauert for established men
  • C.A.N.S

    the first women became involved armed forces with the creation of army nurses service
  • ...

    Army nurse corps is established
  • navy nurse

    the navy nurse corps is established
  • first women

    Mrs. Opha Jonson became first women in marine
  • largest female

    largest female deployment in the u.s history
  • developed

    over 1200 women developed to haiti for peace keeping duties
  • combact soldiers

    states that some women posses the physical attributes suitable to become combact soliders
  • female crew

    Permit female crew on submarines.
  • 15%

    over 170,000 women develpoed to iraq and afgahanistan.account for more than 15 percent of active duty soliders