Child Development

  • Birthday

    The mind is like a "blank slate." Has automatic reflexes towards pleasant and painful stimuli. Arches back and pulls up legs.
  • Attachment

    Develops an attachment to mother.
  • Stranger & Separation Anxiety

    Stranger & Separation Anxiety
    Develop a fear of strangers and does not want to be separated from mother.
  • Sits

    Can sit up around 6-8 months old.
  • Crawl

    Can crawl at around 9 months old.
  • Walks

    Walked at !0 months old.
  • Child Care

    Child Care
    Development of social skills were made at home (mother's daycare) with other children.
  • 1 year

    1 year
    Weight tripled.
  • Preoperational Stage

    Preoperational Stage
    Able to talk and communicate earlier than, or around 2 years old.
  • Concrete-Operational Stage

    Concrete-Operational Stage
    Begins to show signs of adult thinking from age of seven to puberty. Can think logically about specific objects.
  • Formal-Operational Stage

    Formal-Operational Stage
    Cognitive Maturity. Begins around puberty. Deals with abstract thinking.
  • Adolescence

    Enters teen years and goes through many changes especially physical changes.