By bbta207
  • I was born

    On this date I was born.
  • First words

    This day I said my first words
  • First Birthday

    This was my first birhtday
  • The day I first walked.

    On this day I started to walk but not a lot.
  • First tooth

    This day I grew my first tooth
  • First Game Boy

    On this day I got my first Game Boy. I kind of got carried away with it.
  • First day of school

    This was when I went to school at Alpha Elementary.
  • Tooth fell

    This was the day my first tooth fell. It hurt for awhile but it didnt after a day or two.
  • Last day of kindergarten

    This was the last day of kindergarten and summer vacation.I was happy it was over.
  • First time I went to a waterpark.

    sometime in 2007 I went to a waterpark for the first time.
  • Moved to Texas

    On this day my family moved to Texas.
  • First time I went to Mexico.

    On this day I went to mexico and saw many cool things.
  • Graduate 6th grade

    Here I graduated 6th grade!
  • First day of 7th grade

    This day was exciting because it was my firsrt day in a new school and grade.
  • 13th birthday

    On this day it will be my 13th birthday.I will be a teen.