• The United Nations' Colonization Program Launches

    The UN launches its moon and outer-reaching space colonization project in response to the growing concerns of world leaders that Nuclear War and complete Resource Depletion is inevitable.
  • The Invention of Experimental Fusion

    An American Scientist's life work is realized when he successfully manages to learn how to control experimental fusion technologies. The new, seemingly limitless power-source promises to bring an end to the need for depleting the world's limited supply of remaining natural resources.
  • The Founding of the Moon Colony

    The first two U.N. starbound-ships launch successfully and land on the moon, forming the colony that will become Luna City. They begin creating colonies there quickly using fusion and other new technologies. Over the next several years, more and more people "buy their ticket" to join the moon colonies.
  • The Threat of World War

    The Chinese Empire abducts the scientist responsible for inventing fusion-energy technology and forces him to work on designing a new and devastating weapon with the technology.
  • Tug-of-War

    The scientist is rescued by an American strike force led by decorated Captain, Sky Gaiman. During the mission, it becomes evident that not only China, but also General Vladimir Rasputin of Russia desires the scientist for the purpose of creating a weapon. The American Government balks at the report and decides to employ the scientist itself to create a Fusion Bomb. Several months later, the United States of America enact a clause within the North American Union act to annex Canada and Mexico.
  • The Phoenix Project Launches

    The two most incredible marvels of the UN's joint space colonization effort are the Phoenix I and II, each retrofitted to use fusion-motor technology to achieve deep space travel. Led by Captain Sky Gaiman, the two huge colony starbound-ships launch with a destination of Alpha Centauri - to the nearest planet known to be earth-like enough for natural habitation.
  • World War III Begins

    Having secretly finished its own Fusion Bomb, China demands that the North American Union releases its century old military lockdown of Japan and Korea to allow for the formation of an Pan-Asian Union. The NAU refuses and China destroys most of California with a single Fusion Bomb in a show of power. The World is thrust into the most devastating war in its history.
  • The End of the World (as we know it)

    The combined radiation output of the Fusion weapons created by the North American Union and China makes Earth inhospitable. By now, the moon colonies have become home to an increasing number of refugees, particularly those from the upper classes of society. On this day, a final bombardment launched against China by the last NAU military base destroys the whole of Asia. Within five months, there is no human left alive on Earth, and a bright red radiation cloud envelops the planet's atmosphere.
  • The Moon Colonies Unite Under One Government

    Remants of the North American Union, Russian and Chinese governments unite the moon colonies under the United Lunar Nation (ULN) and designate the largest colony, Luna City, their capital. A wayward colony ship, Phoenix III that went missing in its mission to Mars crashes onto the moon. Out of hundreds of thousands of colonists, only two thousand survive.
  • The Phoenix Project Goes Awry

    The Phoenix I's colonization decks are forcefully ejected from the control decks by a cleverly implanted Logic Bomb. The ship's systems inform it to begin the long journey home, but it is only able to access some of the power from its engines due to the computer virus. A small portion of the crew is aware of the failure (and loss of the top twenty decks of the ship), but choose to not awaken the others. For several hundreds of years, the Phoenix I sleeps, its crew frozen and its colonists lost.
  • The Phoenix II Founds the Centauri Colony

    The second Phoenix starbound-ship arrives successfully upon what is largely a water-world in the Alpha Centauri system. They immediately put to use their advanced colonization technology and begin to inhabit and build on the planet's only large land-mass.
  • Centauri Begins Building Underwater Biospheres

    The colony on Centauri continues to prosper. Crime is low, there is peace and their technology continues to advance at a rapid rate after the initial building of the new world's material infrastructure. At this time, they begin to make use of the vast resources within the new world's oceans by building biospheres capable of housing underwater mega-cities.
  • George Hearst Invents a Cure for All Diseases

    In Phoenix City, formerly Luna City, George Hearst invents a virus that is capable of curing all illness, with the promise of immortality to all humans living in the utopian society on the Moon.
  • The Plague and War on the Moon

    Factions have stolen George Hearst's cure and it becomes contaminated. The altered virus spreads quickly, killing nearly one billion people within a year and genetically mutating many of those whom survive it. In the state of panic, there is civil war against the United Lunar Nations.
  • The Moon is in Ruins

    The Civil War and the Plague ravage the large population of the moon. Within four years, 98% of the planet is dead, the biodomes have exploded to create a weak atmosphere and the mega-cities are left in Post-Apocalyptic ruins. Survivors band together in small numbers, some beginning to form villages or strongholds in an attempt to stay alive.
  • New Phoenix is Founded

    A band of survivors find the remains of Phoenix III in the center of the ruins of Phoenix City. They are able to repair its ancient fusion-engine and use it to begin to power the surrounding area of ruins. This attracts other survivors, and the city of New Phoenix is founded.
  • The Nomads Invade Centauri

    A intelligent race of telepathic parasites, known as the Nomads, invade the peaceful colony of Centauri. Despite Centauri's unparalleled technology, they are overwhelmed by the terrible host of otherworldly invaders and retreat entirely to their underwater biospheres, where the Nomads are unable to effectively follow. The Nomads devour the surface's life and resources entirely in the next one hundred years.
  • New Phoenix Begins to Mine Water

    The mega corporations that control New Phoenix's underbelly explore a deep chasm opened by a moonquake and find it to be extremely dangerous. They employ mercenaries to go deep into the chasm and mine ice there, creating a near monopoly on the distribution of water as a resource in the ruins around the city. Life expectancy on the moon, meanwhile, has dropped to a low average of 30-35 years and the government does what it can to hide the sorted past of the Moon and Earth from its people.
  • The Centaurians Capture Sky Gaiman

    The Phoenix I's lost colony decks crash onto Centauri's wasteland of a surface. The only survivor is Captain Sky Gaiman, who is immediately captured by a Centaurian Patrol. After learning very little from the former leader of Centauri's ancestors, Gaiman is considered a threat and left frozen in a cryogenic state within a surface ruin. The Nomads appear to have withdrawn from the planetary surface entirely.
  • The Nomads Awaken Phoenix I

    The Nomads find the derelict Phoenix I en route to Earth, just at the edge of Sol's Solar System. They invade the ship - some of the crew awaken and attempt to fight off the Genetic Terrors, but it quickly becomes apparent that victory is not possible. Instead, the crew barricade the individual decks and seal off Deck One, which houses the 402 survivors that still remain asleep. The crew is killed and the Deck One survivors begin to awaken due to the ship's alarms.