Big babies crawling

Babies 1st year!

  • Babies 1st month

    Babies 1st month
    At 1 month your baby will react to your voice, he/she will also turn their head from side to side while on stomach, Also your baby will focus on objects from about 10 in. up to 3 feet away.
  • baby at 2 months

    baby at 2 months
    At 2 months your child will start to resond to more sounds and diffrent pitchs of voices, at the same time he/she will start to make cooing sounds such as "ooh" and "ahh'.
  • Baby at 3 months

    Baby at 3 months
    During the third month your child will begin to do alot of things starting with opening and closeing hand, beings to hold head up steadly while held up, holds up head and chin ehile on stomach, swipes at objects, brings hands together.
  • Babies 4th month!

    Babies 4th month!
    The baby will be able to support upper body on hands while on stomach, shows favor to blue and red over yellow, amy begin to start using vowels and consontants in babbling such as "ah ga", grasps rattle, puts hands in mouth, rolls from tummy to back!
  • Baby at 5 months

    Baby at 5 months
    Rocks on stomach while kicking arms and legs, reachs out and grabs toys, knows positive speech from unhappy speech.
  • 6th month for baby

    6th month for baby
    passes a block from one hand to another, may begin creeping, puts objects to mouth iwht hand, notices basic sounds of native language
  • month 7th for baby

    month 7th for baby
    Rolls over both ways, sits up steady, stands with assestance, knows parents and caregivers by voices and sight, can follow path of moving objects, grabs for objects with raking motion
  • baby at 8 months

    baby at 8 months
    pulls self up to stand, bangs blocks together, looks at objects with attention.
  • 9 moths for baby

    9 moths for baby
    uses index finger to poke, can put objects in containers, leans foward to pick up toys, imitates words and sounds
  • Baby 10 months

    Baby 10 months
    crawls very well, can put objects in box. notices noises and immitates them