Indian flag


  • Amristar Masacar

    Amristar Masacar
    Started after the first world war when an English women, in a missionary, reported that she had been molested on a street in the punjab city of Amristar.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    A march to sway the British salt tax
  • Quit Indian Movement

    Quit Indian Movement
    A civil disobedience movement launched in Indiato call for independence
  • The Formation of Pakistan

    The Formation of Pakistan
    Pakistan broke away from India. The Muslims fought to creat its own colony/country. This created a war that lated two long and bloody years.
  • Indian Independence

    Indian Independence
    After 200 years of British rule India finally won back its Independence.
  • Ghandi Assassination

    Ghandi Assassination
    Shot at point blank range three times by an muslim activist, since 1934 many failed attemps at his life.