• Early colonization (1747–1763)

    The first black people arrived in the 1710s as traders
  • Gateway to the West (1763–1799)

    n 1760, the first considerable settlement around Fort Pitt began to grow. Traders and settlers built two groups of houses and cabins, the "lower town," near the fort's ramparts, and the "upper town," along the Monongahela as far as present-day Market Street. In April 1761, a census ordered by Colonel Henry Bouquet counted 332 people and 104 house
  • iron City (1800–1859)

    iron started
  • Steel City (1859–1946)

    steel started
  • pitt football is born

    Pittsburgh Pirates frist game
  • Renaissance I (1946–1973)

    started making stuff like stadiums
  • super bowl number 1

    steelers won there 1st super bowl
  • super number 2

    2nd super bowl win
  • number 3

    3rd win at the super bowl
  • 4th

    4th super bowl
  • 5th later then never

    5th super bowl
  • 6th to make it the best

    6th superbowl