Thechnology Through Time

  • Commercial Computer

    On this day in history UNIVAC delivered It's first commercial computer the UNIVAC I .
  • First Sattelite

    On this day the USSR launtched Sputnik, the first artificial sattelite.
  • First Video Game

    William Higinbotham, a nuclear physicist working for the Manhattan project developed a game for visitor day at the research facility, he called it Tennis for Two.
  • Computer to Computer Message

    On this day, UCLA tried to send the word "log" to SRS, however the connection failed before the whole word could reach, and SRS only recieved the word "lo."
  • Apple Begins

    Apple is founded ofter its release of their first computer, called the Apple I
  • First Cell Phone

    Americtech send its first cell phone call.
  • First Website

    CERN starts the first website in 1991, the URL for it was
  • Google Starts

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two graduate students from Stanford University start Google, the World's most popular web browser
  • Bluetooth Starts

    Bluetooth is released by a group of companies known as the "Bluetooth SIG," and from then on opens a door to a wide range of wireless technologies.
  • Youtube Activated

    Youtube begins, and the first video (deducted from popular belief) was "Me at the zoo," by It's first user "jawed," a co-founder, whose real name was actually Jawed Karim.