Conflict of the Great Plains

By meko2
  • fetterman massacre

    fetterman massacre
    on december 21 1866 Crazy hores led 80 troops into an ambush of hundreds of indians.it was called the fetterman massacre.

    On November 29 1867. a colorodo teritory militia attacked the Cheyenne and Arapaho in colorado territory.133 indians were killed.
  • treaty of fort laramie

     treaty of fort laramie
    at Fort Laramie in 1868.it was between the whites and the Sioux indians.The indians got the black hills in the dakotas and an indian reservation called the Great Sioux Reservation.
  • 1874 discovery

    1874 discovery
    in 1874 George Custer led a expedion group west.he led them west because he heard there was gold.this was importan because this made the indians mad for people trespassing on their land.
  • battle of little big horn

    battle of little big horn
    The event took place in montana.on june 25 1876.sitting bull led thousands of sioux indians to the little big horn river.George Custer only brouht 250 US soldiers. the US army was destroyed. it was a huge victory for the indians.
  • ghost dance

    ghost dance
    it took place in 1890.the indians preformed this dance when there culture wasw being destroyed.
  • wounded knee

    wounded knee
    the battle took place at the creek wounded knee.on december 29 1890.the US army and the sioux indnianswere involved.the US army came to take way there weapons.know one knows who started it but when the first shots were made the army started to fire shots.the US army won 200 siouxthe battle.this battle was important because it were killed and 25 umericans were killed. the battle was important because it marked the end of the indians long struggle.