Conflict on the Great Plains

  • sand creek massacre

    sand creek massacre
    wan origanally in the press as a victory agianst a bravely fought defense by the cheyenne.
  • fetterman massacre

    fetterman massacre
    getterman massacre was the bloodiest incident and fort on the bozeman trail was being manned by army troops. Crazy horse acted as a decoy and lured troops into a trap/ambush and whiped out the entire dteachment
  • 1874 discovery

    1874 discovery
    not a single white person was allowed to go through the black hills and a rumor started that there was gold there and custer led an army over to check on the rumor and they were true.
  • battle of little bighorn

    battle of little bighorn
    many armies gathered at a creek that is called little big horn and custer and his army lost their lives ad died the nation was shocked to hear that they've lost in the battle.
  • treaty of fort laramine

    treaty of fort laramine
    whites and the sioux decided to make a peace treaty so that they wouldn't have a war and once they signed the peace treaty the whites and the sioux all decided to live in the black hills together.
  • ghost dance

    ghost dance
    a ghost dance is a a way for the sioux to express their religion. the ghost dance was later banned by reservation officials the they went to arrest sitting bull because they thought he was their chief , the ended up shooting him in a scuffle
  • wounded knee

    wounded knee
    they gathered at a creek called wounded knee in sothern south dakota noone knows how the fighting started either but when they heard a pistol shot fired the armies both responded