turn of the century

  • Gandhi Born

    the indian independance movement's icon is born
  • Charles Dickens Dies

    The author dies
  • Tsar Alexander II of Russia Is Assassinated

  • Reform Act Allows British men over the age of 21 to vote

  • Karl Benz creates fist authentic petrol-burning vehicle

  • first moving pictures seen in public in england

  • Congress establishes department of labor.

  • U.S invades puerto rico

    U.S drives spanish to cede puerto rico
  • Boxer rebellion rocks china.

  • U.S population reaches 76 million

  • Phonograph becomes a popular form of entertainment in american homes

  • canada dry ginger ale introduced.

  • General Motos Company is incorperated

  • Wright brothers sign their first contract for the delivery of a plane

  • Ford releases model T at $865

  • U.S cigarette production and consumption beats cigars for first time

  • $600 million (4% of U.S economy) is spent on big business advertising

  • over 181,000 passenger cars sold in america

  • titanic sinks

    the gigantic cruise liner "Titanic strikes an iceberg and sinks, killing hundreds of people"
  • Congress passes a resolution to celebrate mother's day on second sunday in may

  • World War I begins