Mo Baassiri's Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1487

    Portugal - Dias

    Portugal - Dias
    Dias was the first European explorer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.
  • Oct 3, 1492

    Spain - Colombus

    Spain - Colombus
    Columbus sets Sail and finds the "New World" (Today's San Salvador)
  • May 2, 1497

    England - Cabot

    England - Cabot
    Cabot sets sail for Newfoundland.
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Spain - De Leon

    Spain - De Leon
    Juan Ponce De Leon Exlored Florida looking for the so called Fountain Of Youth.
  • Aug 10, 1519

    Portugal - Magellan

    Portugal - Magellan
    Magellan sets sail for his journey around the world.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Spain - Cortes

    Spain - Cortes
    Cortes reached Tenochtitlan where he captured and killed the leader of the Aztecs, Montezuma.
  • Jan 1, 1524

    Italy - Verrazano

    Italy - Verrazano
    Giovanni da Verrazano sailed to the New World for france. He was exploring the New World to find a passage way that would take him West but he never found one.
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Spain - Corronado

    Spain - Corronado
    Corronado was a Spanish explorer who was the first to find the Pueblo Indians.
  • Jan 1, 1577

    England - Drake

    England - Drake
    Sir Francis Drake was the first English explorer to sail around the world he also defeated the Spanish Armada and Claimed California for England.
  • Netherlands - Barents

    Netherlands - Barents
    William Barents discovers Spitsbergen while searching for a sea route that goes North.
  • Netherlands - Janszoon

    Netherlands - Janszoon
    Willem Janszoon sails to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  • France - Champlain

    France - Champlain
    Samuel de Champlain explored the Great Lakes and named one Lake Champlain. Champlain was also the first to investigate the eastern shore of Canada.
  • England - Hudson

    England - Hudson
    Henry Hudson explored Hudson Bay, Hudson River, and Hudson Strait .. And obviously named them after himself.
  • Netherlands - Block

    Netherlands - Block
    Adrian Block lands on an island which was later named Block Island. I wonder why?
  • Enland - Pilgrims

    Enland - Pilgrims
    The Pilgrims founded a second English colony.
  • Dutch

    The Dutch capture the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba from Span.
  • France - Marquette And Joliet

    France - Marquette And Joliet
    Father Marquette and Louis Joliet discovered the Mississippi River and traveled down it as far as the Arkansas River then returned north.
  • France - LaSalle

    France - LaSalle
    LaSalle travelled to the mouth of the Mississippi river and claimed it for later claimed it for France.
  • Netherlands - Vlamingh

    Netherlands - Vlamingh
    Willem De Vlamingh discovered an island to the West of Australia.