1963fractured fairy tales

Fractured Fairy Tale

By lv2read
  • Background experiences

    Background experiences
    Students have previous experience with writing process and brainstormed/created story maps already
  • Collaboration and Planning

    Collaboration and Planning
    2 weeks prior to lesson:
    Librarian and teacher meet to collaborate and plan lesson
  • Building knowledge

    Building knowledge
    1-2 weeks prior to lesson:
    Teacher reads mentor texts to students, reviewing story elements for each story
  • Modeling/explaining assignment

    Modeling/explaining assignment
    Days 1-2:
    Model project and review outcomes; seperate into groups and partners create brainstorming web/story map
  • Write first draft of fractured/innovative fairy tale

    Write first draft of fractured/innovative fairy tale
    Days 3-4:
    Review assignment, write draft of fairy tale, edit and revise during conferencing with teacher and librarian
  • Creating VoiceThread

    Creating VoiceThread
    Days 5-7:
    Divide rough draft into "pages" for VoiceThread story, design illustrations using Pixie, and create VoiceThread with partner
  • Voting

    Days 8-9:
    Students listen to peer VoiceThreads, comment on one, and vote on best one