20th century timeline

By messi22
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    20th century time line

  • Galveston Storm

    The storm hit on Sept.8. Many people drowned.6000-8000 people lost their lives
  • Spindletop

    Near Beaumont.Patillo Higgins struck oil on Jan 10 1901.The Spindletop strike marked the begginning of the Texas oil Boom.
  • WW1

    The U.S. declared war on Germany on April 6 1917.More than 2 million Americans, including 200,000 Texans went to fight. The base camps were located in Texas.
  • 18 Amendment

    Won the support of the State Legislature. The manufacture and sale of alcohol became illegal throughout the nation. It was rarified in 1919.
  • 19 Amendment

    Granted women’s suffrage. Gave American women the right to vote. It was ratified by the Texas legislature in 1919.
  • First women Governor of Texas

    Mariam “Ma “Ferguson was the second female governor in U.S. history. Took actions against the KKK.Her husband was governor from 1915-1917.
  • Great Depression and Dust Bowl

    Great Depression and Dust Bowl
    Stock market crashed. Wasn't as severe as other places than it was in Texas.Dust Bowl killed people from starvation
  • WW2

    1000’s of Texans served in WW2.Adolf Hitler led the Germans. General Dwight D. Eisenhower served as all allied forces in Europe.
  • Sweat vs. Painter

    • Heman Sweatt wanted to get to UT, but they wouldn’t let him because of his race. He filed a lawsuit against the school. painter was defending the school.
  • Brown vs. board or education of Topeka

    the sweat decision led to this. It was a lawsuit that that challenged the segregation of public schools. The decision was that separate schools were unequal.
  • President election

    president JFK got elected in 1960. His goal was for people to move west. JFK wanted to cut taxes.
  • Hennery B. Gonzales elected to U.S. congress

    hennery was a democrat. He was the first Mexican-American elected to congress. He Served 37 years in the house in the House of Representatives.
  • Assassination in Dallas - Texan in D.C.

    Assassination in Dallas - Texan in D.C.
  • Civil rights act and voting act

    President Johnson urged passage of a Civil Rights law. Johnson wanted to ensure the rights of citizens. The act banned segregation in public areas.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
  • Barbra Jordan elected to U.S. congress

    she got elected in 1966. She was Houston state senator. She was African American.
  • 1st republican governor of TX since 1970

    his name was William Clements. He won by nearly 17,000 votes. People talked about him wrongly.
  • VP George bush in Reagan administration

    George bush served as Reagan’s VP for 8 years. George bush became president in 1988. He was a republican.
  • George bush as president

    brought several Texans into his administration. He promised to provide steady experienced leadership bush increased support on the war on drugs.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    aircraft and navy ships missles bombarded iraq. the bombings lasted 6 weeks. they attacked by the ground also.