20th C classical period

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  • The Edison Effect

    Thomas Alva Edison discovered that electrons will flow from one metal conductor to another through a vaccum. The discovery of conduction in this manner is known as the Edison effect. source: https://www.smashinglists.com/10-first-electricity-milestones/2/
  • Identification of Modernism

    A period of music which was contemporary and experimental but remained conventional to some sense.
  • Impressionism

    A term originally applied to painters of a style of Fine art at the end of the 19th C.
  • Neoclassicism

    Holds a strong reaction against the late Romantic period and returns to more of the simplicity of the classical period such as homophonic texture.
  • Expressionism

    Also originally a form found in the Fine Arts, this style aimed to express the most personal experiences of an individual.
  • Neo-Romanticism

    A style where popularity was diificult to achieve due to the immense popularity of the period itself that has just ended.
  • Jazz-influenced

    This style is where composers have utilised typical features of Jazz.
  • Identification of Post-modernism

    A period of experimenting and removing a sense of conformity.
  • Music concrete

  • Serialism

  • Aleatory music (Chance music)

  • Experimentalism

  • Minimalism

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    Classical Music of the 20th Century

    Identification of styles, genres and sub-periods of classical music in the 20th Century.
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    World War 1

  • Period: to

    World War 2