Black and white

Black and White

  • Forshadowing

    Marcus was scepticul about putting bullets in the gun but they needed to because if they needed to shoot the guy in the air. This is an example of forshadowing because they ended up shooting someone because of it.
  • The First Robbery flashback

    The First Robbery flashback
    Marcus and Eddie had made thier first robbery.They robbed an old lady and made an oath to never robb a lady again.
  • second robbery flashback

    second robbery flashback
    Marcu and Eddie robbed a white man.Then they whent to MCdonalds after for tow double quarter pounders.
  • Eddie shot a black man

    Eddie shot a black man
    Eddie wanted to hold the gun this time but he shot him on acident and Marcus knew he saw that man before.
  • Ditch

    Eddie and Marcus ditch the gloves and coat in the trash
  • Marcus gets arrested

    Marcus gets arrested
    The guy that Eddis shot Mr.parker remembered Marcuses face and saw it in a school year book and gets arrested
  • Eddie gets arrested

    Eddie gets arrested
    One of the girls that Eddie and Marcus robbed remembered Eddies face and found him in his yearbook.