2020 Vision

  • Period: to

    2020 Vision

  • The Beginning

    Have piloted a blended-learning environment for students, allowing them to have access to A-G curriculum, as well as courses we don't traditionally teach. School is consolidated into one site, we've completed the goals in our 2012/2013 SPSA.
  • Curriculum

    Have revised course of study, align all course descriptions to Common Core.
  • Mapping

    Have mapped the curriculum for all core subject areas, to create continuity for our kids moving in between schools in our programs.
  • Achieve Full WASC Accreditation

  • Result

    School is a one-stop shop for students who are in need of extra support. It's run like a "Big Picture" School, where all kids get precisely what they need, throgh a mixture of blended-learning, individual learning plan, social and emotional supports, drop out recovery, and a health center for families and students.