2020 PioneerLand

By Steve P
  • SVHS

    Traditional High School - grades 9-12, 6 period day, industrial model, with standard classroom features (rows of desks, etc) School is hard wired, 40% of classrooms have LCD projectors, teachers use computers for data entry, 5 computer labs on campus. Newer teachers use new technologies such as IPads, tablets, smart phones
  • 21st Century School

    New computers have been installed in classrooms. Each quad has been wired for wireless access. Academies have been developed for STEM and technology. STEM lab is up and running with tablets/IPads along w/probeware. Internships are part of the students' curriculum. Ground is being broken for the new Environmental Science Center Greenhouse and classroom
  • A school without walls...Just another brick in the wall

    Block schedule has been adopted by the staff. The school's A-G rate has improved froma dismal 35% to 70% of all students taking and passing A-G courses. On-line learning is the norm rather than the exception. Lessons are routinely flipped and students are encourage to BYOD
  • Over the Rainbow

    Students are 'grouped' by ability, not by grade level. Classrooms are all wireless with desks that allow for collaboartion. Teachers are facillators rather than lecturers. By the time students are in their 4th year of high school, they are taking classes at the community college, interning at local businesses/industries, and/or are immersed in a Senior Project that integrates all their educational skills and talents.