2011 Egyptian Revolution

  • The Start of the Revolution

    The Start of the Revolution
    tuesdayday1In Tahrir Square in the center of Cairo, people gathered waving both the egyptian flag and the Tunisian flag shouting "Down with Mubarak!" Hosni Mubarak has been in power for nearly 30 years. The demonstrations started out peacefully, but once more people started to fill the square, the police tactics had changed. Officers blasted the demonstrators with water cannons and clouds of tear gas.
  • Demonstrations Continue

    Demonstrations Continue
    videoWednesdayThe demonstrations continue for the second day and police continue to use tear gas. The police start to beat people and use live ammunition to try to stop the protests taking place. President Obama warns the Egyptian government that it must recognize the rights of the demonstrators and the people of egypt.
  • The Internet Gets Shut Down

    The Internet Gets Shut Down
    ThursdayFinding out that the mass number of protests started through twitter and facebook, the internet gets shit down all throughout Egypt. The internet was shut down only a few hours before the largest planned protest by the people yet. A company called AFP also reported that text messaging was also down. Another internet company called Seabone reported that there was no internet starting a little after 12:30am local time.
  • Mubarak will form a new government

    Mubarak will form a new government
    FridayMubarak still refusing to step down, says that he will form a new government. He says that he will try to appoint the new government on saturday. Mubarak said, "I have requested the government to step down today. And i will designate a new government as of tomorrow to shoulder new duties." Giving no hints of stepping down, the people only want a change of president.
  • Anonymous internet users help provide communication

    Anonymous internet users help provide communication
    SaturdayMany anonymous internet users started to help provide communication tools for the people of Egypt. A group called Telecomix worked to help give the egyptians communication options. Telecomix has aso helped other countries in situations where the government has tried to stop the internet. Also, radio station in Egypt started to send out messages in Morse Code.
  • Hillary Clinton says Egypt must become a democracy

    Hillary Clinton says Egypt must become a democracy
    SundayThe U.S has appealed for an orderly transition in Egypt. Hillary Clinton says the Egypt must become a democracy. Clinton wants the democracy to last. She doesnt want it to be there for only a few months and then become a military dictatorship. With protests still going on, some prisoners broke out of jail with help from the outside. Arsonists and robbers are also terrorizing the population
  • Mubarak won't run for re-election

    Mubarak won't run for re-election
    TuesdayMubarak has once again rejected the demands of the people to step down and leave the country. Mubarak says that he will finish his term and that he will die on Egyptian soil. But hoping to calm the people and allow him to do so, Mubarak says that he will not run for re-election. While watching his televised speech, protestors booed at him. The protestors will not be happy until and will not leave until Mubarak steps down.
  • Internet returns

    Internet returns
    WednesdayCutting the internet access was an attempt by the government to stop the online spread of the protest. The internet finally returned to Egypt. With the internet back, government supporters went into Tahrir Square. A fight between the pro and anti government protestos lasted for 15 hours with both sides battling with rocks, sticks, bottles, and firebombs.The police just stood by, watched, and did nothing.The military finally stepped in early Thursday morning.
  • Day of Departure

    Day of Departure
    FridayBeing known as the "Day of Departure" this day was planned to have the largest amount of people yet. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the center of Cairo, waving flags, singing the national anthem, and cheering. Meanwhile, the EU heads of state and government called for an immediate change of governemtn
  • Government agrees on new concessions

    Government agrees on new concessions
    sundayThe vice president of Egypt met with representation of opposition groups. Some of the new concessions they agreed on were freedom of press, release of the detained, and lifting the emergency laws. Some in the group said that these were only the first fews steps but they will not agree because not all demands have been met. The people still want Mubarak to leave.
  • Protests continue

    Protests continue
    videoWednesdayStrikes and protests continue throughout the country by state workers and impoverished people. Around 8000 people, mainly farmers, set barricades of flaming palm trees. They blocked the highway and the railway leading to Cairo. They even drove the governor away by throwing stones at his van. About 10,000 people crowded in Tahrir squareand 2000 more blocked off parliament.
  • Mubarak still refuses to step down

    Mubarak still refuses to step down
    ThursdayWith Mubarak still refusing to step down, he will promise to give more power to the vice president. Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir square thinking that Mubarak would give his resignation. Shocked that he did not, about 1000 people went down the the TV headquarters shouting, "We won't leave. They will leave."
  • Mubarak steps down

    Mubarak steps down
    videoMubarak finally decided to step down and hand the power over to the military. The people cheered and shouted, "the people outsed the president." The mass number of protests pushed the military to force him out. He stepped down because he said he was, "taking into consideration the difficult circumstances the country is going through."