2000's Computer History

  • USB Flash Drives

    USB Flash Drives
    The invention of flash drives really made the transferring and moving of files easier. The idea that all that memory could be incapsulated in such a small disk was a great accomplishment.
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    Significant Advances

  • Blu-Ray Optical Disks

    Blu-Ray Optical Disks
    Over the course of many years, the creation of a cd capable of a higher resolution prevailed. Blu-ray dvd was able to show 1080p resolution while older dvds were only capable of 480p.
  • Laptop per Child Initiative

    Laptop per Child Initiative
    At the world economic forum in 2006, the UNDP announced the program to deliver technology and resources to certain targeted schools throughout the world. It was a boost in advanced learning.
  • The Cloud

    The Cloud
    The use of computer utilities finally returns with major use of "the cloud". It was a way in which people could be offered many services, mainly data storage, from other companies.
  • Mac Book Air

    Mac Book Air
    This was the year that apple unveiled their newest computer on the market, the Mac Book Air. It was called the air because it was the slimmest and thinest computer out there. Today, Apple has continued to provide that same virtue with ultra thin bottoms on their computers