19th Century Spain

By Sol.gmm
  • The absolutist phase

    Fernando Vll dismissed the Cortes, abolished the Constitution of 1812 and re-established absolute monarchy
  • Period: to

    The reign of Fernando Vll

    During this period, Spain was divided between those who supported the absolute monarchy and those who supported the constitution.
  • The liberal phase

    The liberal phase
    (1820-1823) a pronunciamento Led by Colonel Rafael del Riego.
    The king was forced to reinstate constitution
  • The ominous decade

    Fernando Vll asked the Holy Alliance for support
    APR 7, 1823 – SEP 29, 1833
    The Omnious Decade
    It was the third and last reign of Fernando VII. Most of the enlightened people emigrates to London
  • The first Carlist War

    Began in the Basque Country
    Carlists were defeated by the Liberal army of General Espartero
  • Period: to

    The regency of Maria Cristina

    Initially, Maria Chriatina supported the moderate liberals
    She introduced the first changes to institute a Liberal system
    a new progressive constitution was drafted in 1837
  • Period: to

    The regency of Espartero

    liberates took control of the government
    General Espartero ideas of free trade were dmaging to Spanish industry
  • Period: to

    The reign of Isabel ll

    Absolutist ended in Spain with the reign of Isabel ll.
    Isabel established a liberal constitutional monarchy
    Alternation of power between moderates and progressists
    2nd Carlist war
    Social instability
  • second carlist war

    It was a short civil conflict between the Carlists and the Liberals.
  • Provisional government

    Provisional government
    Revolution on 1868 by progressives and democratswere joined by unionists and led by Admiral Topete, General Prim ( progressive) and General Serrano (unionist)
    1868 Battle of Alcolea forced Queen Isabela ll and her heir Alfonso into exile
  • Period: to

    Six years of democracy

    september 1868 the crisis of the monarchy led to the "Glorious revolution"
    a democratic political system was established
  • Amadeo I of Savoy

  • The first republic