1968, Founding of IB Geneva, Oct 25

By Epie
  • 1968 Founding IB

    1968 Founding IB
    In this year, the IB program was founded with the purpose of encouraging students to develop intellectual, personal and social skills which can be applicable to the real world.
  • IB MYP

    IB MYP
    The inception of the IB MYP for students aged 11-16, consisting of eight subject groups, which provided a broad and balanced education for young learners. This also helped learners to make connections between their learning and the outside world.
  • 2000, IB World Schools

    IB opened many schools around the world to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity values and shared guardianship of the planet. The planet belongs to everyone, and so individuals have the responsibility to protect it and find solutions to burning issues.
  • IB 2030, Teaching Concepts

    A shift from traditional concept teaching to a more flexible approach to learning without jeopardizing IB core values. Encouraging competence and skills.
  • 2035, IB Research Labs

    Every IB school will have a well-equipped and developed project laboratory. This will enable learners to put their knowledge and skills into practice without hindrance. Most schools find it hard to find equipments for project base learning.
  • 2045, IB schools in every LIC

    If we are talking of sustainable development, it has to involve the participation of LICs because they are the most affected when it comes to global issues. For example, solving problems such as poverty and hunger should not be an issue of HICs giving economic aid to LICs. In my opinion, when skills are taught in school, it will develop learner's ability to be productive and create jobs for themselves instead of relying on the government to solve every issue.