1961 to 1975

By nrobles
  • Housing act

    Housing act provided $5 billion for Urban renewance and new housing construction.
  • Minimum wage was raised to $1.25

    Minimum wage was raised to $1.25 an hour.
  • Social Securitie benefits were provided for those who wished to retire.

  • Recetion began

  • The Civil Rights act was passed

  • Lyndon Johnson was in a landslide

  • Unemployment reached up to a 6.6 percent

  • Medicare was provided

  • Civil Rights banned housing discrimination

  • Economy changed because of the echange in president of the U.S

  • The U.S will no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value

  • The U.S. was in recession

  • Nixon resigned in

  • Unemployment reached 9%

  • The national debt was down around 34%og GPD