1960s :)

  • Period: to


    This is the timeline of events that occured in the 1960's
  • Heatwave

    A heat wave destroys 11 people lives in central Australia and 13 lives in Sydney
  • Laser

    Theodore H Maiman operatined the first funcitoning laser.
  • Period: to

    Crown of Thorns and Cricket

    Crown of Thorns startfish begins ravaging the Great Barrier Rief Brisbane first tied cricket test Australia v West Indies at The Gabba
  • Advertising Commercials

    The Federal Government directs all future TV commercials to be made in Australia
  • World Trading

    Australia selling wheat to Coummunist China
  • Tennis

    Wimbledon: Rod Laver wins Men's Singles tennis final
  • Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall was created
  • Clothing

    Woman got fined for being "unsuitably dressed" wearing a bikini at Bondi Beach
  • Melbourne bushfires

    Might bushfires rages through the Great Divide and the Dandenong Ranges on the edge of Melbourne, killing 8 people and destorying hundreds of houses.
  • Nuclear

    Australia becomes the first nation to endorse Nuclear test ban treaty
  • Beatles

    The well known band in the 1960's, The Beatles started touring in Australia
  • Currency

    The orginal currency was, pounds, pennies, and etc but now the currency has changed into cents and dollars because its easier to count and manage then the older currencies.
  • Tasmania

  • Musical

    Opening of musical Hair with controversial 30 second nudity scene
  • protesters

    Police battle 3,000 Vietnam war protesters outside the US Consulate