1950's to 1960's

  • Marshall Plan

    this was known as the european recovery program. this successfull sparked the european recovery. europe kept the united states from back sliding into depression by providing a market for us goods.
  • Truman doctrine

    this was a policy set forth by the president Harry truman. They thought it was the start of the cold war. this policy won the support of republicans who controlled congress and involved spending 4million dollars .
  • Berlin Airlift

    post war was divided into 3 sections the allied part was controlled by the untited states. when the airlift began it started with only 2 airlits. in 1948 the soviet union attempted to control all the berlin by cutting surface traffric to and from the city of west berlin.
  • Korean War

    the war began with 75,000 soildres from north korea.This was the first military actionof the cold war. I 1953 the korean war came to an end.
  • Vietnam War

    The vietnam war was prolonged struggle between nationalist forces atteempting to unify the country. Us leaders lost the the american support for the war. This has become a bench mark of what not to do .
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    was a 13 month mass protest that eneded with the supreme court ruling the segregation on public busses. The roots of the bus boycott began years before Rosa Parks.King recalled in his memoir that " Mrs Parks was an idea for the role assigned to her by history and because her character was impeccable and her didication deep-rooted she was one of the most respected people in the " Negro COMMUNITY " during this time martin luther king led the first bus boycott
  • Cuban missle crisis

    Oct.22 President kennnedy spoke to the nation. Pesident keennedy didnt want the soviet union and cuba to know that he discoverd the missesls.
  • Civil right act

    it prevents the max utilization of the avaliable labor resources. it constitutes the unfair method of competition. it burdens commerce and the free flow of goods in commerce.
  • Big Event For Malcom X

    Malcom led the unity rally in harlem. then he changed his name to Muhamed ALi.
  • JFK assisnation

    He was the 35th president. Kennedy was shot while travling with his wife in a presidential motorcade. It took 10 months to investigate who shot JFK. Concluded in 1978 that kennedy was probably assinated as a result of conspiracy
  • 24th Amendement

    during this time poll tax was ended. polll taxes appeared in southern states after reconstruction to orevent african americans from voting. Harper V. Varginia board of education .
  • Voting Right Act

    its a landmark piece of legislation in the us that outlawed discrimintory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread.The act est extensive federal oversight of elections administration.These enforcements applied to the states
  • Bay of pigs

    unecassary military invasion of cuba. Located in south cuba.on April 20th the inaders finally surrended with many troops being sent back to the us .