• Period: to

    50's era

    What happend in the 50's
  • Truman orders the construction of the hydrogen bomb

  • Korean War starts

  • Color T.V introduced

  • I love Lucy debuts

    Famous T.V show
  • Car seat belts introduced

  • U.S officialy exits Japanese territory (WWII)

  • Great Smog of 1952 appears in London

    a thick fog settled on London. This fog mixed with trapped black smoke to create a deadly layer of smog. Although there was no great panic at the time, the smog proved deadly. In the five days it hovered over London, the smog killed 4,000 people. In the following weeks, another 8,000 people died from exposure to the Great Smog of 1952
  • DNA role in heredity is confirmed

    it was confirmed by Oswald Avery
  • Hillary and Norgay climb Mount Everest

  • Princess Elizabeth Becomes Queen at 25

    first ever telivised coronation
  • Korean War ended

  • Segregation Ruled Illegal in U.S

    even though ruled illegal, it took many years, and bloodshead to fully come into function.
  • McDonalds corporation founded

  • Polio vaccine announced to public

    created by Jonas Salk
  • U.S officially leaves Europe territory (WWII)

  • Warsaw pact signed

    was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist states of Eastern Europe in existence during the Cold War.
  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus

  • Suez Crisis

    was a diplomatic and military confrontation in late 1956 between Egypt on one side, and Britain, France and Israel on the other, with the United States
  • Hungarian Revolution starts

    The revolt began as a student demonstration which attracted thousands as it marched through central Budapest to the Parliament building. A student delegation entering the radio building in an attempt to broadcast its demands was detained. When the delegation's release was demanded by the demonstrators outside, they were fired upon by the State Security Police from within the building. The news spread quickly and disorder and violence erupted throughout the capital.
  • The Cat in the Hat published

  • Soviets launch Sputnik

    was a satalite launched in space
  • Peace Sign was created

    British artist Gerald Holtom drew a circle with three lines inside, intending the design to be a symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War
  • NASA was founded

    response to soviets launching air craft into space. Comonly known as response to them and known as space race
  • Hope Diamond is donated to Smithsonian

  • Fidel Castro becomes Dictator of Cuba

    On January 1, 1959, Batista admitted defeat and left the country. Although not at first appointed president, Castro succeeded in taking power of the new Cuban government by July 1959.