1950 Technology

  • BARK

    Year - 1950
    Invention - Binär Aritmetisk (Automatisk) Relä-Kalkylator
    Inventor - Conny Palm, Harry Freese, Gösta Neovius, Olle Karlqvist, Carl-Erik Fröberg, G. Kellberg, Björn Lind, Arne Lindberger, P. Petersson and Madeline Wallmark.
    Description - An early computer built using telephone switching technology. This device was able to perform addition calculations in 150 milliseconds, and multiplication equations were completed in 250 milliseconds.

    Date: 1991
    Invention: UNIVAC I (Universal Automatic Computer)
    Principal Inventors: J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly
    Description: The first American computer designed for commercial business usage with simple arithmetic instead of advanced calculations done by other large computers of the time.
  • IBM 650

    IBM 650
    Date - 1954
    Invention - IBM 650
    Inventor - IBM
    Description - The first mass produced and comparibly inexpensive computer system. Over 2000 installation were completed.
  • First Transistor Computer

    First Transistor Computer
    Date - 1954
    Invention - Transistor computer
    Inventor - Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd.
    Description - Referred to as a second-generation computer, this prototype used transistors instead of phone relays or vacuum tubes, which resulted in a decrease in heat generated.
  • Period: to


    Date - 1954 through 1957
    Invention - FORTRAN
    Inventor - John Backus / IBM
    Description - This was the first high-level programming language that was invented and is still used and studied today for scientific programming