1800s weapons

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    1835s to 1865s guns

  • Johnson Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol

    Johnson Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol
    The Johnson Model 1836 was sold to the US government by way of contract for nine dollars a pistol. It was a high-quality flintlock pistol, this was one of the last flintlock-based pistol bought by the US government.
  • Allen and Thurber Pistol

    Allen and Thurber Pistol
    This is a an American single-shot pistol, it was made for competition shooting. It's design is made out of wood and metal,with the barrel made out of steel. 8 inches of the gun was the cast-steel barrel, which is removable.
  • 1848 Colt Dragoon

    1848 Colt Dragoon
    Production of the Colt Model 1848 Dragoon lasted from 1848 to 1860 and these weapons saw use in the American Civil War. This gun is an six-shot percussion revolver, it was one of the most successful revolvers of its period.This weapon of war was created by a famous Amercian gunsmith, Samuel Colt.
  • 1851 Colt Model

    1851 Colt Model
    This is a Amercian Navy Percussion Revolver, it became one of the most popular handguns ever produced, seeing totals reach about 250,000 models by 1873. This weapon of war was created by Samuel Colt. It is a single-action percussion cap revolver, and has a rotaining cylinder countaing six rounds.
  • Lefaucheux Model 1854 Pinfire Revolver

    Lefaucheux Model 1854 Pinfire Revolver
    The Lefaucheux Model 1854 was featured in the American Civil War between the North and South. A French man named Casimir Lefaucheux created the 'pinfire' metallic cartridge from the late 1820s into the 1830s before patenting his greation in 1835
  • Colt Model 1855 Revolving Carbine

    Colt Model 1855 Revolving Carbine
    The United States government purchased over 4,400 Colt Model 1855 revolving carbine rifles during the American Civil War. This gun was an attempt to provide the repeating action of a revolver within a shortened rifle.
  • 1856 Burnside Carbine Rifle

    1856 Burnside Carbine Rifle
    The Burnside Carbine found its way onto many battlefields of the Civil War, utilizing a special .54 caliber cartridge designed specifically for the weapon itself. This gun was developed by Ambrose E. Burnside, he used to be in the US Army but quit to concentrate on inventing guns.
  • 1861 Bridsburg

    1861 Bridsburg
    This gun is a muskert rifle it has a 40-inch barrel with ramrod tipped tulip head steel. It also has fitted under barrel muzzle and an simple forward sight. This gun is a single shot weapon that was uesd in the American Civil War. 5000 models were produced at Springfield Armory.
  • 1861-65 Sharps breech-loading carbine

    1861-65 Sharps breech-loading carbine
    This weapon was developed in the mid 1800s, it had a shorter barrel than a rifle and was easier to use on horseback. Consequently it became the most widly used cavalry weapon in the U.S. Civil Civil(1861-1865)