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In History
  • West Point

    The United State Military Academy is established at West Point in New York
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson purchases land from France, enabling the United State's westward expansion. The Louisiana Purchase cost $15 million and expanded the United States by 827,000 square miles.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Thomas Jefferson tasks Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with exploring the the territory gained in the Louisiana Purchase. There journey would take them from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Robert Fulton

    The first commercial steamboat service is created by Robert Fulton. He navigated the Hudson River from the New York City to Albany.
  • War of 1812

    War is declared on Great Britain. Blocks on United States trade caused tensions, and naval battles were waged when Britain violated US maritime rights.
  • Star Spangled Banner

    Francis Scott Key writes the "The Defense of Fort McHenry" during the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Maryland. Originally a poem, it would be turned into a song and named "The Star Spangled Banner" and used as the United State's national anthem.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs

    In an effort to regulate trade with Native Americans, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is established by the United States War Department.
  • Internal Combustion Engine

    The internal combustion engine is patented by Samuel Morey.
  • Trail of Tears

    100,000 Native Americans are forced out of their ancestral homes in the southeast region of the United States. They are removed to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River. Thousands die on the journey. The name "Trail of Tears" comes from the suffering endured on the marches.
  • The Alamo

    200 Texan volunteers defend the Alamo against thousands of Mexican soldiers. The siege lasted 13 days before they were finally overcome. Their stand became a symbol for resistance to oppression and was key to Texas winning its independence.