1750-1918 major events

  • James Watt

    James Watt designs a more efficient steam engine
  • American Decleration

    American Declaration of Independence anounces the American colonies independence from Great Britain
  • Botany Bay

    The first fleet arrives in Botany Bay, beginning British settlement in Australia
  • Outbreak of French Revolution

    Outbreak of the French Revolution as a consequence of high bread prices and higher taxes
  • Alassandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta invents a bettery to store and electric current
  • George Stephenson

    George Stephenson builds a railway between liverpool and manchester. Stephenson's entry was Rocket, and its performance in winning the contest made it famous. George's son Robert had been working in South America from 1824 to 1827 and returned to run the Forth Street Works while George was in Liverpool overseeing the construction of the line.
  • right to vote in Britain

    Publication of the peoples charter in Britain demanding political reforn and give right for everyone over the age of 21
  • Myall creek massucre

    In New south wales in 1838, 12 stockmen were murderd and 28 aborigionals. many of them woman, chrildren and the elderly seven men were hanged
  • Abraham Linclon

    Abraham Linclon Because the president of USA
  • Abraham Linclon assasination

    Abraham Linclon gets shot in the head while watching a play by John Wilks Booth
  • Convict Transportaton

    Convict transportation to Australia ceases with the last shipment of convicts leaving in western Australia
  • Boer War

    Southern Australia witnessed another clash of imperialest ambition. Britain had shared control of Southern Africa
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia, the six colonies of New South Wales, Tasmiania, Victoria and Western Australia from one nation
  • Man Carying fight

    Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright achieve the first controlled, powered man carying fight
  • Ford automobile

    Henry Ford produces his first Ford Model T automobile
  • Worlds Largest Passenger ship

    The worlds largest passenger ship the titanic hits an iceberg in the north west atlantic ocean and sinks. 1517 die, even the beautiful leonardo Decaprio
  • The race to Africa

    European countries saw Africa as an important new market for exports if they could establish white setlements there.
  • Archduke Lanz Ferdinand

    Archduke Lanz Ferdinand was assasinated on the 28th of july 1914 by a group of Boznian People known as the black hand gang. This was the first event to spark the first world war
  • ANZACS landing in Gallipoli

    The ANZACS landing in Gallipoli and it was a disasterest campaign, The ANZACS were stranded on the beach
  • End of WW1

    World war 1 ends wih defeat of Germany