college history timeline

By BradR
  • Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards
    His doctrines began to spark reactions amoung his followers
  • John Zenger

    John Zenger
    Zenger was charged with seditious libel after publishes an article about a corrupted governor.
  • Peace Treaty of 1748

    Peace Treaty of 1748
    this treaty gave captured land back to the french and outraged the american colonists who captured it
  • Wahington starts a new war

    Wahington starts a new war
    George Wahington was sent into the wilderness to secure claims and he ran into the french
  • intercolonial congress

    intercolonial congress
    the British government summoned this meeting in Albany, New York. only seven of the colonies sent delegates
  • Washington surrenders

    Washington surrenders
    Washing is forced to surrender to the French at Fort Necessity.
  • Uprooted Acadians

    Uprooted Acadians
    fearing a revolt in the captured land of Nova Scotia, the British moved about four thousand Acadians to Louisiana
  • Braddock fails to capture Fort Duquensne

    Braddock fails to capture Fort Duquensne
    he set out with two thousand men but was defeated by the french and their indian allies
  • invasion of Canada

    invasion of Canada
    The british attacked multiple places at the same time instead of one place and were defeated
  • Poor Richard's Almanac

    Poor Richard's Almanac
    Benjamin Franklin finshed editing his best known book.
  • the fall of Louisbourg

    the fall of Louisbourg
    William Pitt decide to attack this fortress and won the first british victory of the war
  • battle of Quebec

    battle of Quebec
    James Wolfe led this attack against the French
  • fall of Montreal

    fall of Montreal
    after Montreal fell, the french flag never flew in Canada again
  • peace settlement at Paris

    peace settlement at Paris
    with the agreement of this treaty, the French lost all their power in North America
  • death of Pontiac

    death of Pontiac
    this Ottawa cheif was killed by another cheiftain after his attack against the british failed
  • New Constitutions

    New Constitutions
    The Continental Congress was called upon to draft new constitutions for the new states
  • Norfolk, Virginia

    Norfolk, Virginia
    the british burn this town
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Thomas Paine published this pamphlet telling people that america no longer needed britain and that they needed a republic
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    this document was formally approved by congress
  • artivles of Confederation

    artivles of Confederation
    the Articles of confederation were adopted by the Congress
  • Treaty of Alliance

    Treaty of Alliance
    the legislature of Virginia ratified this with france
  • spain and holland join the fight

    spain and holland join the fight
    these two countries helped the americans win the war
  • benedict arnold

    benedict arnold
    this american general turns traitor and joins britain
  • articles are ratified by the colonies

    articles are ratified by the colonies
    they were not ratified by all the colonies until eight months before the victory at yorktown
  • the colonies give up their lands

    the colonies give up their lands
    the colonies agreed to give up their lands to the government until they had enough people to be considered a state
  • cornwallis surrenders

    cornwallis surrenders
    he surrenders his entire command at yorktown after being cornered
  • philadelphia newspaper

    philadelphia newspaper
    one Philidelphia newspaper urged its readers to quit buying british clothes and to make their own.
  • mutinous Pennsylvania soldiers

    mutinous Pennsylvania soldiers
    these men made dangerous threats and demanded back pay
  • spain claims land

    spain claims land
    they take the land north of the gulf of mexico
  • treaty of paris of 1783

    treaty of paris of 1783
    britain finally saw america as its own independent country
  • Land Ordinance of 1785

    Land Ordinance of 1785
    This ordinance decreed that the land in the old northwest be sold to help cover the national debt.
  • Electing a President

    Electing a President
    The country's first president, George Washington, was elected
  • French revolution

    French revolution
    Fighting breaks out in Europe as the French Revolution begins
  • Bill of rights

    Bill of rights
    The bill of rights was adopted by the united states, granted personal liberties to the people
  • Excise Tax

    Excise Tax
    the excise tax taxed luxury items like whiskey
  • Political Parties

    Political Parties
    the nation's first political parties, the federalists and democratic republicans, were formed.
  • Neutrality Proclamation

    Neutrality Proclamation
    President Washington gave this proclamation saying that we were not picking the side of Britain or france
  • Whiskey rebellion

    Whiskey rebellion
    farmers were upset over the high tax put on their whiskey
  • Jay's Treaty

    Jay's Treaty
    John Jay was sent to bargain with Britain over concessions
  • Washington's farewell address

    Washington's farewell address
    He warned against making permanent alliances and also warned against political parties
  • Convention of 1800

    Convention of 1800
    The united states was now at peace with France
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    the united states buys this abundance of land from France for 15 million dollars
  • Marbury v. Madison

    Marbury v. Madison
    this court case gave more power to the judiciary branch
  • Lewis and clark

    Lewis and clark
    the two begin their exploration of the recently bought Louisiana Territory.
  • war of 1812

    war of 1812
    the war begins as the united states declares war on Britain
  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    this settlement ended the argument as to whether missouri would be a slave or free state and balanced free and slave states
  • the caroline

    the caroline
    in the heat of canadian rebellions, this ship is attacked
  • harrison

    harrison dies after only four months into office
  • aroostook war

    aroostook war
    this war was fought over a land dispute on the northern border of maine
  • texas becomes a state

    texas becomes a state
    the united states annexes texas
  • wilmot proviso

    wilmot proviso
    congress passed this act that banned slavery in any land gained from mexico
  • mexican war

    mexican war
    this war began over disputes over borders and the acquisition of california
  • independeant treasuries

    independeant treasuries
    as a part of polk's plan, government money is held in private reserves
  • oregon dispute

    oregon dispute
    another part of polk's plan, he split the land of oregon in half and shared it with britain
  • treaty of guadalupe and hidalgo

    treaty of guadalupe and hidalgo
    this treaty ended the Mexican American war.
  • slavery in the indies

    slavery in the indies
    the british abolish slavery in the west indies
  • free soil party

    free soil party
    the abolitionist party was founded
  • taylor is elected president

    taylor is elected president
    taylor beats cass and van buren in the presidential election
  • gold rush

    gold rush
    the gold rush that populated the new state, california, started
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    this compromise settled the dispute over the number of free and slave states
  • gadsden purchase

    gadsden purchase
    this bought land from mexico in what is now arizona and new mexico
  • kansas nebraska act

    kansas nebraska act
    this act allowed for the people of these territories to decide whether or no they'd have slavery
  • new party

    new party
    the republican party is formed
  • bleeding kansas

    bleeding kansas
    the start of unrest and violence in between the north and south
  • sumner is caned

    sumner is caned
    brooks beats sumner with a cane in the senate chamber
  • pottawatomie massacre

    pottawatomie massacre
    jown brown and his men kill multiple pro-slavery southerners
  • Buchanan is new president

    Buchanan is new president
    he beat Fremont and Fillmore for presidency
  • dred scott

    dred scott
    this controversial decision changed how to government could effect slavery
  • panic of 1857

    panic of 1857
    a depression caused by the over-expansion of the economy
  • tariff of 1857

    tariff of 1857
    major tax reduction in the united states
  • lincoln-douglas debates

    lincoln-douglas debates
    the main topic of these debates was slavery in the united states
  • harpers ferry

    harpers ferry
    john brown brought men and took over the federal armory in an attempt to create a slave revolt
  • Lincoln wins election

    Lincoln wins election
    he wins the four-way race for presidency
  • secession

    south carolina becomes the first state to secede from the united states
  • the impending crisis of the south

    the impending crisis of the south
    hinton r. helper publishes a book based on his views on slavery