By ckim
  • Unions

    Unions were organizations who discuss and decided for things like wages. Around 1880-1910 labor unions started organizations of workers.
  • Wilfred Laurier Becoming Prime Minister

    Wilfred Laurier Becoming Prime Minister
    Wilfred Laurier was supported by both the French-Canadian citizens. He had a more difficult job because of the different languages but was determined to bring the English and French citizens together.
  • Immigration to the prairies

    Immigration to the prairies
    Many immigrants came to the prairies for the land and goods. Since 1896 to 1914 over a million immigrants came to live in the prairies.
  • Laurier boom years

    Laurier boom years
    A lot of new technology was being made and encouraged the development of the natural resources of Canada. The big increase of the technology attracted and forced the immigration to grow. They mined for many things for profit and trees were made in to lumber and housing.
  • Boer War

    Boer War
    The boer war, between the british empire and the south African republics lasted from 1899-1902.
  • Life on the Prairies

    Life on the Prairies
    Canadian immigrants got used to the life on the prairies. They raised money by working on their farms, making their lifestyle easier with profits and technology.
  • Naval Crisis

    Naval Crisis
    The naval service act stated Canada would supply Britain with their navy for emergencies. Many Canadian citizens were against the agreement but in the end Britain provided Canada with two cruisers but still had no naval policies.
  • Alaska boundary dispute

    Alaska boundary dispute
    The US bought Russia when the boundary between the northwest of bc and Alaska wasn%u2019t decided. in 1903 wilfred laurier wanted to settle this boundary dispute which the judges made the decision for the favour of the america%u2019s boundaries.
  • Alberta becoming a province

    Alberta becoming a province
    Laurier wanted more control and believed having two provinces would attract a lot more immigrant as well as easier to lead so they split the territories and it became Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  • Saskatchewan becoming a province

    Saskatchewan becoming a province
    The population too big Alberta and Saskatchewan became their own province for the better of the citizens and the guidance needed for the country.
  • Anti-Asian Riots

    Anti-Asian Riots
    With the large immigrant increase, there were discriminating to the Asians in BC. When the Asians kept entering Canada, there were riots and protesters made to city hall and the part of the city Asians were staying at.
  • Borden becoming prime minister

    Borden becoming prime minister
    Borden became the eighth prime minister in Canada. He is found on the 100 bill.
  • Last Best West

    Last Best West
    Laurier tried to increase wealth and population. He focused on attracting the immigrants and benefiting the economy. The growing population increased the technology and fortune.
  • Building a new railway

    Building a new railway
    A new railway was a great benefit to the growing population and technology. It provided the citizens with many opportunities and a great transportation.
  • Life in the city

    Life in the city
    Many of the population started settleing in the city. Growing technologies and industries attacted many immigrants to settle in the cities. The cities grew fast with people and the prairies started to be abandoned.
  • Immigration issues

    Immigration issues
    They tried to prevent East Indians from immigrating to Canada. They made sure there weren%u2019t direct routes from India to Canada and sent them back when they attempted to.
  • Women%u2019s movement

    Women%u2019s movement
    The women had a lot of responsibilities when it came to taking care of their families and households. There was a high risk of complications when giving birth and the death of their new borns. Rarely any women worked jobs outside of their households so they were stuck taking care of the households.
  • Nisga%u2019s Land Claim

    Nisga%u2019s Land Claim
    The Canadian government and the nisga%u2019s made a deal that the nisga%u2019s would own 2000 square kms of the Nass River valley.