United States History: 1600-1700 Timeline

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  • Captain Gosnold lands on New England Coast

    Captain Bartholomew Gosnold is the first English man to land on the New England Coast. Explored Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.
  • Virginia Company is Founded

    The London Virginia is founded and granted a charter to settle in the new world
  • Jamestown is Established

    The first permanent English settlement in America is established in Virginia
  • Starving Time in Jamestown

    A period of starvation occurred during the winter of 1609-10. Of the estimated 500 colonists in Jamestown at the beginning of winter, only 60 remained alive by the spring.
  • James Rolfe harvests tobacco in Jamestown

    Tobacco is successfully harvested for the first time in Jamestown. The cultivation of tobacco ensures the colonies ultimate success.
  • The House of Burgess meets for the first time

    The House of Burgess, the first representative assembly, meets for the first time in Virginia.
  • First African Slaves are brought to Jamestown

  • The Plymouth Colony is established

    The Plymouth colony is established and the mayflower compact is signed
  • Jamestown Massacre

    The success of Jamestown led to constant expansion which resulted in the further seizing of Native land. The Jametown Massacre was an attack led by the Powhatan chief that resulted in the death of roughly a quarter of the Jametown population.
  • New Amsterdam Founded

    New Amsterdam (later to be renamed New York) is founded by the Dutch West India Company.
  • Boston is Founded.

    The city of Boston is found by English Puritan settlers.
  • Peach Tree War

    a large scale attack on New Netherland settlements by the Susquehannock indians and their allies
  • English seize New Amsterdam

    The English take New Amsterdam from the dutch and rename it New York.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Armed rebellion led by Virginia settlers again their Governor
  • The Glorious Revolution

  • Jamestown is abandoned

    The capital of Virginia is moved to Williamsburg and Jamestown is slowly abandoned.