• Jamestown

    The first settlers arrived in America and established the colony of Jamestown.
  • Hudson River

    Henry Hudson finds the Hudson river and claims New York for the Dutch.
  • First African Slaves

    The first African slaves are brought to the colonies by Dutch traders.
  • The House of Burgesses

    The first representative assembly takes place in Virginia.
  • Plymouth Colony

    Plymouth colony is founded by pilgrims from England in Massachusetts.
  • Boston Colony is Formed

    John Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay colonists settle in the area that would later be named Boston
  • Rhode Island is Formed

    Roger Williams founds the colony of Rhode Island.
  • Maryland Tolerance Act

    Maryland passes the Maryland Tolerance act which allows religious freedom.
  • New Amsterdam is Claimed

    The English claim New Amsterdam from the Dutch and name it New York
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    The rebellion supposedly started over a pig but tensions have been rising throughout the colonies. The British colonists believed that the Catholics and Native Americans were trying to ruin America.
  • King Phillips War

    King Phillips War was between the indigenous people and the English colonists. The English settlers captured, enslaved, and killed a multitude of Native Americans. This resulted in towns of natives being wiped out. The war ruined the relationship between the Natives and the English which allowed the English to be able to settle the area easily